Since 2009, the Alabama Crimson Tide have won an incredible five national championship, completely dominating the college football landscape under coach Nick Saban.

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When you have as much success as the Tide have had, you’re going to make plenty of enemies, and there are going to be plenty of other fans rooting for you to lose big games.

Indeed, fans are growing tired of Saban’s dominance, as Alabama topped the Wall Street Journal’s list of most hated college football teams:

Ohio State checked in at No. 2, and as you can see above, the other programs consist of other Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12 schools, as well as Notre Dame.

Interestingly, no other SEC school made the cut, but that’s probably because Alabama has been the conference’s biggest presence on the national stage.

Oh well, Saban will probably enjoy being No. 1 on this list. In fact, he’s probably upset that the Tide only got 16 percent of the vote.