Alabama and Clemson have separated themselves from the rest of the pack in recent years, and will now meet for the fourth-straight year in the College Football Playoff.

This year will mark the third time the Tide and the Tigers have played with a title on the line, and the game should be a lot of fun.

However, some fans are tired of seeing the two dominant programs play, and took to Kirk Herbstreit’s Twitter account to vent their frustrations. Below, you can see the tweet that started the complaints to the popular ESPN analyst:

Many fans, though, don’t share Herbstreit’s enthusiasm for another Alabama-Clemson rematch. But, whether fans think more teams deserve a shot or say that the game is “boring,” Herbie has the same advice — find a team that can beat the Tide or the Tigers:

So, how do we avoid another thrilling and exciting title game (which is what some fans want to do, for some reason)? In the words of Herbie… “BEAT THEMMMMMM!!!!!!”