Alabama is always one of the most talented teams in the college football ranks. This year, though, the Crimson Tide didn’t quite make the College Football Playoff.

Losses to LSU and Auburn ended any Tide title hopes, but injuries to LB Dylan Moses, QB Tua Tagovailoa and others certainly hurt the Tide in 2019.

Speaking to TMZ recently, former CFB analyst Lou Holtz said Alabama was probably the best team in 2019 until they were hit with some bad luck:

“To me, Alabama was the best team but they aren’t gonna be playing in the championship,” Holtz said. “To win it, you gotta be lucky.”

Holtz did say he thinks LSU is the best team now, and the Tigers will have a chance to prove it next Monday in the title game against Clemson.

However, it is interesting to think of what might have been different if Moses and Tagovailoa had stayed healthy.