Louisiana high school has fired football coach that banned Alabama

Dec 3, 2016; Atlanta, GA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban celebrates with his team after the SEC Championship college football game against the Florida Gators at Georgia Dome. Alabama Crimson Tide won 54-16. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like the Alabama ban at Parkway High School in Bossier City, Louisiana may soon be lifted as the school has fired head football coach David Feaster. Feaster gained notoriety this week after reiterating on ESPN 104.5 Baton Rouge radio that Crimson Tide coaches were not allowed on Parkway’s campus.

Parkway went 11-2 under Feaster in 2016. However, the strong record wasn’t enough to save Feaster’s job after he was so vocal regarding his feelings toward the Alabama program. Feaster’s strong stance against Alabama began after their recruitment of former LSU quarterback Brandon Harris – himself a former Parkway High School student under Feaster.

Parkway administrators apparently did not appreciate Feaster’s stance, according to Roy Lang III of the Shreveport Times. Lang wrote Friday that school officials felt Feaster was “not the spokesperson of Parkway High School.”

Parkway has two elite rising senior 2018 football prospects in five-star receiver Terrace Marshall, the state’s top-ranked prospect, and four-star quarterback Justin Rogers, the state’s top quarterback prospect. Feaster did not attempt to hide his desire to protect both players from Alabama’s recruiting practices.

Lang notes in his piece that Parkway believed Feaster was ‘undermining’ school officials and could potential hurt students’ future opportunities at Alabama. Feaster had been warned by officials in the past about such behavior, but apparently, the message did not resonate.

Even with SEC football hitting a slow point on the calendar, the drama never seems to stop in the world of college football recruiting.

Feaster’s two above mentioned former players were not happy to hear the news:

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Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.18.59 AM

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    • It’s ridiculous. Maybe beyond that.

      • Coach deserved it… it’s not his field house or his team

      • Alabama just does whatever it wants in Louisiana. It’s embarrassing at this point.

        • It kinda is.

        • Louisiana is a talent rich state, blocking recruiting from the team that has won the most SEC championships and takes gets a lot of players to the next level is stupid at best. It would be like a Basketball High School Coach in North Carolina closing his school to Kentucky. He was fired for “Feaster was ‘undermining’ school officials”.

  • Mess with the bull and you’re going to get the horns. Love it!!!

  • This maybe the best story ever

  • So concerned with Bama he got his a$$ fired.

  • I think this was a move either made locally out of due concern about their students of by LSU, not Alabama. In this move, they made Alabama look brash and a threat to coaches in Lousiana, soiling their chances with Lousiana recruits. Seriously think LSU more likely behind this than Alabama.

    • I don’t think either is behind it.

      • i agree BT… I know a bunch od fans would love to thik their school or the other is behind it, but Feaster is a loose cannon. Not his first rodeo at mouthing off on the radio.. He’s a damn good coach, that’s the sad part in this.

  • Was the coach saying AL should have played the recruit more or shouldn’t have recruited him if they were not going to play him? The second being more justifiable than the second. But in either case he should be boycotting the NCAA for not lowering the scholarship limit. What happened to this recruit? And why didn’t he just transfer? Firing the coach, if this was the only offense, and it probably was not, =overkill.

    • Here you go with your dribble again. You obviously have no idea the background to the situation and didn’t take five minutes to actually do a little research before you posted your dumba$$ remarks as usual. Do a little research of the topic if you’re this clueless about what even went down before posting or just don’t post.

  • Dude is an idiot if he thinks he can stop Alabama recruiters from coming through the door if they want to. It’s not just a free scholarship knocking at the door. It’s not just a Power 5 program knocking at the door. It’s not just a program in the SEC knocking at the door. It’s not just a program in the SEC West knocking at the door. It’s f*ckin’ Alabama. Sorry, Coach, but your employers will gladly answer that knock.