Alabama QB Mac Jones is in the driver’s seat for the Heisman Trophy, and often mentioned among other contenders like Ohio State’s Justin Fields, Florida’s Kyle Trask and Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

Jones on Monday was asked how he handles that kind of Heisman hype, as he’s routinely mentioned in various media rankings and odds about the premier college football award.

“You see it on TV and stuff, but I’m not on social media and stuff so all that’s just a distraction,” Jones said. “We have obviously great players here and it probably makes me look a lot better than I actually am, and there’s players on our team that should be in that talk, and they deserve the credit that they should get, and we have a bunch of great players, and a lot of other schools have great players. So at the end of the day, I’m sure there are people around there that listen to the talk, but you gotta just block it out and do your job, and if you don’t do your job, there’s a next play to do your job. So that’s pretty much how simple it has to be.”

Jones has completed 77 percent of his passes for 2,426 yards, 18 touchdowns and three interceptions. He gets another chance in the Iron Bowl this week after last year, when he was 26-for-39 passing for 335 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions.