Mac Jones and Tua Tagovailoa will have a lot of attention this week from Tuscaloosa and the greater Alabama fan base when the Miami Dolphins travel to the New England Patriots this week to open the NFL season.

They’re of course part of 3 Alabama quarterbacks to be projected starters this week alongside Jalen Hurts with Philadelphia. Jones discussed his relationship with Tagovailoa on a recent segment on WEEI.

“Tua’s an awesome guy,” Jones said during his appearance on WEEI’s Merloni and Fauria, per the Boston Herald. “He’s really a good, talented football player. Learning from him, and Jalen (Hurts) was great, obviously. Now that we’re all getting a chance here in the NFL, I think it’ll be cool to go up against each other.”

Jones shared that he has kept up with Tagovailoa since his former teammate left for the NFL, and he appreciates Tagovailoa’s work ethic and talent.

“I think Tua, obviously, coming off the injury, that can’t be easy,” said Jones. “And being there with him when he was going through rehab, that was obviously hard . . . he’s obviously made a lot of improvements. I’m sure he feels more comfortable. He’s always had talent, and he always will have talent. He works hard, and does all the right things.

“I think he’s a good person to watch, whether it was just seeing him make the plays I know he can make running around, and doing all that stuff, making those off-script plays, it’s just good to watch to see him back at full health.”