As many fans are aware, Alabama quarterback Mac Jones’ nickname is “The Joker.” With the Crimson Tide in action on Halloween night, we’re hearing a lot about “The Joker” this Saturday.

Jones’ father and sister are sporting Joker face masks for Saturday’s UA-Mississippi State game. Jones’ girlfriend is similarly embracing the nickname in a fun way. Sophie Scott showed off her Harley Quinn costume on her Instagram Story.

“I guess my buddy Richie, he used to play offensive line here, he just gave me that nickname my freshman year and then it kind of just spread throughout the team mostly just because I just laugh with my mouth open, kind of like the Joker. I have like a loud laugh or whatever. I guess that’s what it comes from and it kind of just stuck,” Jones said this week of his nickname. “And then prank-wise in the locker room, I don’t really prank anybody, but I mean, we like to have fun in there and sometimes it gets pretty rough in there. But nothing crazy, prank-wise. Maybe put some baby powder on somebody’s stuff, but other than that, nothing bad.”

Jones has been all business when it comes to leading the Alabama offense this season, putting up numbers (115-of-146, 1,905 yards, 12 touchdowns) that are getting Heisman Trophy buzz.