Former Alabama QB Mac Jones has received plenty of preseason hype, and especially after last night’s preseason opener against Washington.

Jones completed 13-of-19 passes for 87 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions in his first NFL game. Jones appeared in 5 full series that produced 2 field goals and 3 punts. But not everyone is impressed and radio talk show host Colin Cowherd may be at the front of that group.

“I think he has a very low ceiling,” Cowherd said. “He does things they’ll like. He’s efficient, he’s detailed, he’s an anticipatory thrower, low ceiling.”

Cowherd said today’s NFL is built on “cheap points” on offense.

The problem facing the Patriots, Cowherd said, is that they’re trying to replace Tom Brady, who could do everything, with Cam Newton and Jones, who can only do parts of some things.

“Mac Jones is who I thought Mac Jones would be,” he said. “But that’s why the Rams went and got (Matthew) Stafford. … You can make an argument this morning that Mac Jones is a better fit for them. You can make that argument. But boy the ceiling feels really low.”