Former Alabama QB Mac Jones didn’t get on the field in the Senior Bowl on Saturday as he dealt with an ankle injury. But Jones still considered the week-long experience in Mobile, Alabama a valuable one.

From the sidelines of the Senior Bowl, Jones conducted an interview with the NFL Network broadcast. Jones said he was blessed to be at the event with players from different schools and it was a lot of fun, but his ankle is “still stinging” a little bit.

“I didn’t want to take any big risks,” Jones said. “But I definitely want to be out there. It’s hard for me to sit here and even do this, I’d rather be watching the game.”

Even though the national championship was just a couple weeks before, Jones said he wanted to take advantage of the coaching staff, which came on his team from the Carolina Panthers, to learn from NFL experience.

“I’ve learned so much about NFL quarterback play and that’s really the biggest reason I wanted to come down,” he said.

Jones also shared what he thought he showed the NFL scouts throughout the week.

“I think I showed them I’m a great leader and I love being in the huddle with those guys, making jokes and running plays to the best of our abilities,” Jones said. “I like the huddle because you can verbalize everything and that’s what I showed.”