After going through rookie minicamp and OTAs, Mac Jones is getting his first taste of a full-fledged NFL training camp.

Jones spoke to reporters on Friday after his first week of camp.

“It’s about what I expected,” the former Alabama standout said. “It’s hard, and every day is a new day, and I’m going to have bad days and I’m going to have good days. We’re all just going to get better together, and when I’m in there, I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do and everyone else is going to do what they’re supposed to do. …

“I remember what I did bad today, and I’m going to go back and have my correction bucket or whatever you want to call it, so I think there’s more things in the good bucket, but as the days go on, it just stacks up, so I just got to keep that process and stick to it.”

The Patriots re-signed last year’s starting quarterback, Cam Newton, but Jones is approaching camp as an opportunity to compete for the starting job.

“We’re all competing for a job or whatever,” Jones said, “and our goal is to win, so I guess they’re going to, obviously, play the best player, and that’s going to be whoever it may be. And I’m just here to work, and I got to get better. I’m young, and I know that. I have to produce on the field and do exactly what I’m supposed to do on each play and fix every problem. If I can do that, then things will work out.