Confidence in Tua Tagovailoa and accolades for the Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback continue to pour in.

Tagovailoa has won his first two career starts and made a big leap forward against the Arizona Cardinals, as many, including talk show host Rich Eisen, have noted his accuracy, mobility and poise that made him such a national sensation at Alabama. Eisen shared that he led out an audible gasp when Tagovailoa made some moves to lead the Dolphins to victory.

“I know there’s a lot of football left to be played, but this coach clearly saw something and he is good,” Eisen said. “They’ve won four in a row now, for the first time in four years. We’re all paying attention to the Miami Dolphins for the first time in forever.”

Tagovailoa threw for 248 yards and two touchdowns and helped rally the Dolphins in the fourth quarter for a 34-31 victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

“Clearly I’m off the reservation here for a couple people because it’s just two starts,” Eisen said, and then he rattled off upcoming matchups with Denver, the Los Angeles Chargers and Cincinnati. “Could you imagine he takes an eight-game winning streak into his own house with the Chiefs coming in. As we are sitting here, this is a possibility and you cannot convince me otherwise. … Tua, man, that should be the headline of this clip.”