The Miami Dolphins selected former Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa with the No. 5 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and are hoping he’s their quarterback of the future.

The plans for 2020 are still up in the air, though, as Tua continues to rehab from a serious hip injury suffered at Alabama. Plus, the Dolphins have veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick on the roster.

Should Tua sit out in 2020? ESPN analyst Marcus Spears believes the answer to that question is a strong no (via 247Sports):

“Hell no. I’m not changing my approach to this at all,” Spears said on Tuesday’s edition of NFL Live. “Tua Tagovailoa was drafted fifth overall. He wasn’t drafted fifth overall to go have a redshirt year. He was drafted to play. … This is going to eventually — this year, this season, if we have a season and it goes as the season is planned for the longevity, Tua will start. And I’m predicting about Week 6 or 7, just to make sure he’s (apprised) on everything that’s going on offensively.”

The Dolphins still have time to make this decision, as offseason training has yet to begin.

Will Tua impress? Or, will it take him some time to work his way into contention for the starting job?