Mark Ingram wanted the world to know that he does not mess around. Ingram was challenged by popular YouTuber Deestroyed, and it did not go well for the YouTuber.

Ingram easily ran through the YouTuber, knocking him clean off the ground. Deestro stayed on the ground for a while after the hit.

The former Alabama RB has brought energy to Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff, entering on a horse in Week 1 and demonstrating his strength in Week 2.

Initially, there appeared to be more to the story as Ingram declared “I don’t play,” before angrily kicking the football. However, Deestroyed shared an extended cut to his YouTube channel that showed this was all in good fun.

In this cut, we see that Ingram was genuinely concerned for the YouTuber’s wellbeing and helped him up. Essentially, Deestroyed decided to get trucked by a former NFL RB for content.

Ingram had a successful 12-year NFL career before deciding to join FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff crew. The RB has the 2nd-most rushing TDs in Alabama history and was a key figure on the 2009 BCS National Championship team, winning the Heisman Trophy.