During the 2016 national championship game between Alabama and Clemson (Alabama won 45-40), a photo of Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry during the pregame coin toss literally went viral.

To our knowledge, Ingram has never commented on the photo-turned-meme, until now. On Wednesday, Ingram was asked about it while on a CBS Sports show.

“Man, that was weak, that picture,” Ingram said laughing. “Obviously, 6-4 with cleats on and a helmet (Henry), and I’m 5-10. You put him closer to the camera. You put me further from the camera.

“The coin toss is in there; so, I’m looking in there, but it looks like I’m looking at him (Henry) sideways. The whole thing was just a setup. … I remember getting back to the sidelines, Landon Collins said, ‘They got you, bro.’

“Whoever took that screen shot of the TV, come see me. I got some business with you.”

You can watch the hilarious comments below:

Ingram won the 2009 Heisman Trophy, and Henry followed it up in 2015. The two former Alabama standouts have faced off in the NFL, too, and both have excelled at the pro level.

However, the photo of Henry making Ingram look so small is still — and will always be — absurd.