Does Tua Tagovailoa have durability concerns as he heads into the 2020 NFL Draft? Even the biggest support of the Alabama football machine would have to admit the answer is yes, and MarkĀ Ingram is no different.

Coming off one of the most productive seasons of his NFL career, which is really saying something considering the Crimson Tide Heisman Trophy winner has played nine years in the league, Ingram was recently asked to share his thoughts on Alabama’s latest quarterback to leave the program for the NFL as Tagovailoa continues to rehab in his efforts to rise up the 2020 NFL Draft boards.

During a Thursday appearance on ESPN show “First Take,” Ingram was asked what he thought of Tagovailoa’s chances of developing into an NFL quarterback.

“Obviously, injuries and availability is a huge part of being a pro and being in the NFL,” Ingram replied. “I could understand durability concerns [regarding Tua] but I think every player has durability concerns. I think the type of person he is, his accuracy, his accolades, the number of yards he threw for, his efficiency, even some mobility in the pocket, out of the pocket, I just think he has great potential. You know what I mean, to be a star in this league.”

Just about everyone that has seen Tagovailoa play on the field can see the quarterback has massive potential but as we’ve just seen with the likes of Cam Newton, NFL teams will quickly move on from a quarterback that struggles to see the field on game day.

While admitting that point, Ingram believes Tua has what it takes to not only bounce back but do what it takes off the field to ensure he can suit up as much as possible during his pro career.

“I think he will be a star in this league but, obviously, durability is a concern because availability is the No. 1 thing in the NFL. You have to be available on Sundays,” Ingram added. “I can understand why there is some concern with his durability but I think he’s recovering fine. I think he’s moving good, from the clips I’ve seen earlier this week and I’m hoping a great recovery for him and I believe he’s going to have a long, great career because that’s the type of person he is, that’s the kind of drive he has. I’m a Tua fan, I hope the best for Tua.”