Alabama’s Marlon Humphrey recently signed a five-year $97 million contract to remain with the Baltimore Ravens for the long haul.

But he recently explained how his offseason home shapes up, and why he lives in a camper. Humphrey said since he moved to the rural setting, he’s become more into nature. His acreage even includes a vegetable garden. Then the idea of a camper came up, and he dove in.

“This has been my offseason crib,” he said. “Pretty nice camper, I think it’s state of the art. … My coach is like, ‘Why are you living in a camper?’ It’s been funny to tell people I’m living in a camper, but it’s been funnier when they come and visit me and I’m like, ‘This is where I’m living.’ I consider myself a humble guy.”

The cornerback said when he signed the contract, “It’s great to know for the next years, you’re going to be a Raven. I’ve really enjoyed this organization, it was really big for me to stay a Raven.”