A Marvel writer has humorously revealed how an Alabama football game impacted the “Thor” comics.

Jason Aaron, a Marvel comics writer, recently chatted with Matt Scalici of USA TODAY’s For the Win ahead of the release of the new movie, “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

During the interview, Aaron was asked if his Alabama fandom ever works its way into his Marvel comics writing. Aaron shared how he enjoyed fictionally destroying an Oklahoma town in the “Thor” comics after Alabama’s Sugar Bowl loss to Oklahoma in January 2014:

You’re a very vocal Alabama football fan and that made its way into your creator-owned series Southern Bastards. Do you think your sports fandom has influenced your writing in any other ways?

There are several sports references that have made their way into my work. When I first took over Thor, the status quo was that Asgard had descended to Earth and was floating above Oklahoma. It may not be a complete coincidence that Oklahoma had just trashed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and around that same time I destroyed the town of Broxton, Oklahoma. It served the story but I can’t say I didn’t take some joy from enacting some fictional revenge on the state of Oklahoma.

Even in the Marvel universe, SEC fandom just means more.