Slowing down the high-powered Alabama offense is imperative if Ohio State has a chance to win the national championship tonight.

Former Florida QB and SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow shared his thoughts on the matchup, and noted that the Ohio State receivers are capable of doing damage just as they did against Clemson in the College Football Playoff semifinal. But one area to watch for the Buckeyes is the place where they must slow down that Alabama offense.

“I think defensive line is a key in this game for Ohio State,” Tebow said on “SEC This Morning” on the SEC Network with Peter Burns and Chris Doering. “I think if there was one area that I might give the nod to Ohio State over Alabama, it would be in the defensive line. I think these guys aren’t super hyped. They’re not necessarily the best defensive line of all time, but they’re disruptive, and they make plays, and they were great in the semifinals against Clemson. I think to be in this game in the fourth quarter, they also have to be great.”

Making Alabama QB Mac Jones uncomfortable, and forcing the Alabama offense to make an adjustment would go a long way toward Ohio State being productive in this game.

“Because Mac Jones, he’s a great quarterback with one of the best seasons in history,” Tebow said, “but he’s not necessarily that athletic and he doesn’t necessarily like getting off of his spot. So if this defensive line, I’m not saying they’ve got to get sacks, I’m not even saying they’ve got to get pressures, but if they can move him off of his spot, and shut down a little bit of that timing, that Mac has with DeVonta (Smith), maybe Jaylen Waddle, I think that will be key in this game. So can the defensive line be disruptive enough to throw off Alabama’s timing? If so, I think it’s one of the biggest keys in this game.”