Through Week 4 of the NFL season, the Miami Dolphins are 1-3 with veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick taking 100 percent of the signal-caller snaps. There hasn’t been a whole lot of “Fitzmagic” and the up-and-down QB play has led to some fans calling for Tua Tagovailoa and plenty of media speculation on whether the team turn should turn to its first-round pick out of Alabama.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores said he’s not ready to declare it Tua Time in Miami just yet.

“He’s checked all the boxes from a medical standpoint. He has,” Flores recently told reporters, per ESPN. “Look, the honest thing for me is if it was my kid, and he had a serious injury like that, I wouldn’t want his coach to throw him in there because of media pressure or anything like that. That’s kind of how I approach this situation and really all situations. The players, essentially, they are my kids. So no one is going to pressure me into doing anything. When we feel like he’s ready to go, we’ll put him in.”

It frustrates some fans that fellow first-round quarterbacks Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are currently starting, but that won’t impact Flores’ decision.

“No, I think every player’s different, every situation is different,” Flores said. “No. I really don’t look at other players. I don’t play the comparison game. We’re going to do what we feel is best for the Dolphins and for the individual players. … It’s all case by case. We don’t look at other situations and make decisions off of what other people are doing.”

Miami takes on San Francisco in Week 5.