The 2021 college football season is getting closer to starting. One of the biggest games in Week 1 of the season will be the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide taking on the No. 14 Miami Hurricanes in Atlanta on Saturday, Sept. 4.

Despite being a 19-point underdog to the Tide, the Hurricanes, led by their dual-threat quarterback D’Eriq King has not been shy about the Hurricanes’ opportunity to upset Alabama this entire off-season.

Earlier in the week, King was on “Stephen A.’s World” hosted by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. Here’s what King had to say about the opportunity to upset Alabama (via 247Sports):

“I think there’s no better way to open up your season than vs. the best team of the last decade,” King said. “Obviously they won that national championship last year. It’s a big task. They have a great team, probably the best head coach of all time. So I think we’re looking forward to the opportunity to go out there and compete against those guys, especially in a neutral site in Atlanta in front of thousands and thousands of people. We’re just practicing every day, getting ready for the opportunity to show what we can do.”

King went on to compliment the Tide and their recent track record of success.

“I’m a very confident guy,” King said. “I think we’re gonna finish No. 1. I’m never gonna say we’re gonna lose to anybody. I’m super confident, and I’m confident in my teammates.”

“I’m a competitor,” King added. “I’m not ever gonna go out there and say, ‘We’re gonna lose this game or that game.’ Like I said, I’m looking forward to playing those guys. It’s a big task — one of the best teams in my lifetime the last decade. So excited to play those guys.”

While several media outlets are counting out the Hurricanes, King believes they have what it takes to beat the Crimson Tide. We’ll see if King and his teammates can pull off the massive upset next month.