ESPN’s Michael Wilbon hated to see Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa suffer a serious hip injury on Saturday at Mississippi State. But he’s not ready to write off the Crimson Tide because of its history.

Appearing on the The Tony Kornheiser Show podcast, Wilbon was asked if Alabama deserves a spot in the College Football Playoff.

“That’s entirely based on whether or not the backup quarterback can be great,” he said of Mac Jones. “We’ve seen the backup quarterback at Alabama be great because Tua was that. So I’m not going to rule Alabama out. They can still determine this on the field. I just feel bad for the kid.”

Kornheiser and Wilbon agreed that the blame toward coach Nick Saban or anyone else is wrong. Wilbon said blaming anyone for a football injury is “pretty dumb,” because players can get hurt in practice, in a walk through, or the offseason.

“You can suffer a major injury at any time,” he said. “Because you are doing something that your body is not designed to do. So to blame anyone for Tua’s injury, shut up, people are idiots.”

Kornheiser raised the opinion that Tagovailoa is fragile because of multiple ankle injuries and now a hip injury and that may cause NFL teams to pass on him early in the NFL Draft.

“I know you like to judge that,” Wilbon said. “I don’t engage in that at all.”