Mike Golic Jr. as a former Notre Dame offensive lineman has a keen sense for what Tommy Rees offers as an offensive coordinator.

Golic appeared on WJOX out of Birmingham, Alabama and the “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” program to discuss the now former Notre Dame OC, who recently reportedly took the same job at Alabama.

While Notre Dame faced criticism on offense, Golic pointed out that the Fighting Irish had a backup quarterback for much of the season, and other members of the offense were “green” at a lot of positions.

“Tommy as a coordinator is one of the smartest users of pre-snap motion, formations, shifts, to help identify what’s going on with defenses and to help give his quarterbacks information,” Golic said.

Golic said he spoke with ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky about Rees’ offense being “high level” and having an NFL-type background to it because of Rees’ time with the NFL’s Chargers.

“I think you’ve got one of the smartest, young, up-and-coming coordinators in college football,” he said.