Friday was the first day that former Alabama DB Minkah Fitzpatrick reported to Dolphins camp.

The Dolphins selected Fitzpatrick with the No. 11 overall pick in last month’s NFL Draft, and the team’s owner, Stephen Ross, reportedly wanted to pass on Fitzpatrick and trade back. He’ll thank whoever talked him out of it in the near future, because Fitzpatrick should be a star.

The Palm Beach Post’s Joe Schad spoke with Fitzpatrick during his first day, and he certainly has a lofty NFL goal.

“Being in the NFL isn’t the end goal,” Fitzpatrick told Schad. “I want to be a great player in the NFL. A legendary player in the NFL. So I have made it to this point in the journey, but there is a whole lot more left to go.”

Fitzpatrick certainly has the athletic ability, leadership and football IQ to become “legendary.” It’s no secret that Fitzpatrick was one of Nick Saban’s all-time favorite Alabama players, and Saban has gushed over his former star DB more than once. He’s just trying to not let Saban’s adoration go to his head.

“I’ve just got to live up to his compliments,” Fitzpatrick said. “I can’t let it get to my head.”

There isn’t a defensive backfield position that Fitzpatrick can’t play, and he should make an instant splash with the Dolphins. Whether or not he becomes an NFL legend, Fitzpatrick will have accomplished a lot in his football career.