The Alabama Crimson Tide defense has a big benefit in that it gets to practice every single day against one of the best offenses in the country.

With a returning SEC Offensive Player of the Year at quarterback and a loaded backfield, the Alabama offense can hurt you in several different ways.

Granted, Alabama’s defense has plenty of talent on its own, but practicing against a loaded offense certainly challenges the defense on a daily basis.

Toward the end of the video below, star DB Minkah Fitzpatrick says the toughest part of facing the Alabama offense in practice every day is dealing with QB Jalen Hurts’s athleticism and ability to both scramble and extend plays in the pocket:

“One of the biggest challenges is definitely having a mobile quarterback to practice against every single day,” Fitzpatrick said. “It’s definitely a benefit for us, but it’s a challenge at the same time because we can cover, we can have a great rush, fold the pocket, and then Jalen just busts out of it and starts running. Then we’ve got to cover for five or six seconds on the back end.”

The good news for Fitzpatrick and his fellow defenders is that when they take on Florida State on Sept. 2, the Seminoles’ offense won’t give them anything they’re not already used to handling, thanks to Hurts and the Alabama offense.