Alabama travels to LSU this week looking for revenge from the 2019 game where LSU won in Bryant-Denny Stadium.

That brings a certain level of motivation for some people, and Alabama coach Nick Saban was asked at a Monday press conference how he handles that from a preparation standpoint.

“I never try to use that as a motivating factor,” Saban said. “Every season is different, every team is different. But do I think it is a motivating factor with individuals and players, I absolutely think it is. I think that awareness of what happened in last year’s game and all that is always something that players remember, think about how they felt after the game last year or whatever.”

Before last year, LSU had not beaten Alabama since 2011, something that became a rallying cry for coach Ed Orgeron and the Tigers. This time, they’ll meet in primetime at Tiger Stadium on CBS.

Saban then added, “I don’t want to sound facetious here, but we only have a few of those where we can sort of look at last year or the year before and say whatever happened was an issue or a problem. But I think that nobody likes to get disrespected and I think when you lose a game, you feel that way to some degree. I think it’s human nature to try to make it right. So I think that is a motivating factor for most human beings.”