Najee Harris is known for his trademark hurdle, and on Sunday, he showed it off against the Cincinnati Bengals.

On a second down and 17 play deep in the Pittsburgh Steelers territory, Harris caught a pass near the sideline, and delivered his classic hurdle of a Bengals defender. Harris also has 4 carries for 7 yards, as the Steelers trailed the Bengals late in the first quarter.

The Steelers running game is off to a slow start this season, but Harris explained what they’re doing to improve on it. For context, Harris’ rushing stats improved from 2.8 yards per carry in Week 1 to 3.8 in Week 2.

“It might not seem like a lot to fans,” Harris said of the running game’s incremental improvement, per Trib Live. “but when we watch film, it’s a lot. And as long as we keep improving and keep getting better, we are going to find our identity. And then we are going to capitalize on that.”