Najee Harris had a big game against Ohio State in Alabama’s 52-24 win over the Buckeyes in the national championship game but it certainly didn’t come easy.

At least, that’s the way the Crimson Tide running back tells it.

Harris had 22 carries for 79 yards and two scores on the ground (he also added seven catches for 79 yards and another touchdown) but his longest rush of the day went for just 13 yards.

That’s a credit to Ohio State’s defense, which had issues on the backend but presented a tough and physical challenge against Alabama’s outstanding offensive line on Monday night.

Following the game, Harris was asked, “How were you able to expose those holes so effortlessly?” by a reporter in the postgame press conference.

“Effortlessly? You didn’t see what they was doing? They was blowing my ass up, what you talking about? It wasn’t effortlessly, I’ll tell you what,” Harris responded. “They did they thing, bro, to be honest with you.

“What they did is every time we did a play action, they just shot the gaps, shot the gaps. The linebackers, we got a couple of them to play a lot of fakes, that’s why we’re able to throw so much bubbles and slants and all that. But Bro, they was blowing my ass out, you trippin’, it was not easy. I am hurting.”

Here is a video of Harris’ reaction to that question.