Nate Oats took responsibility for Brandon Miller’s ‘pat down’ introduction routine that made headlines over the weekend.

Miller, who has been implicated — but not criminally charged — in a Jan. 15 shooting in Tuscaloosa, was patted down by a teammate before taking the floor vs. Arkansas on Saturday.

“That situation is on me,” Oats said. “We addressed it as a team. As soon as I brought it up to them, they immediately understood how it can be interpreted. And we all felt awful about it.

Oats also explained the origin of the routine, which Miller has used all season:

“They explained to me that it’s like when TSA checks you before you get on a plane and now Brandon is cleared for takeoff,” Oats said. “We as the adults in the room should have been more sensitive to how it could have been interpreted. I dropped the ball. That’s it, I dropped the ball on it. We’ve addressed it and I assure you it won’t happen again.”

Here’s video of his comments from Tuesday afternoon:

Here’s video of Miller’s introduction vs. the Razorbacks:

Alabama will face Auburn in its final home game of the season on Wednesday.