On Saturday’s edition of College GameDay on ESPN, Alabama coach Nick Saban made an appearance to talk with the crew.

There was a discussion of the racial injustices and corresponding protests, which Saban has marched in alongside his players.

However, some noted that Saban seemed to try to straddle the fence with the “All Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter” movements. NBA player Jared Dudley even went as far as to say the team captains need to call a meeting and force Saban to hold a press conference before Week 1 on Sept. 26:

Again, Saban marched with his players as they protested racial injustice last week. He has seemingly said all the right things this offseason and there hasn’t been any sort of pushback from players in Tuscaloosa.

Will Dudley’s tweet spur a press conference? Or will Saban choose to address the potential controversy privately with his players?