When the 2020 NFL Draft begins, many expect either Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy or Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb to be the first wide receiver drafted.

But what about fellow Alabama WR Henry Ruggs III? Well, NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah is a big fan of what Ruggs brings to the table.

Ahead of the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Jeremiah discussed how he thinks Ruggs is in the race to be the first receiver off the board. He also talked about Ruggs’ potential 40-yard dash time (via 247Sports):

“Everybody’s talked about who will be the first receiver taken, is it going to be Jeudy or is it going to be CeeDee Lamb. I actually — I firmly believe Henry Ruggs is in that discussion. I think it’s a three-man race to be the first receiver.

“I think he’s going to absolutely fly. Everybody knows it’s coming. He’s still going to do it. I think the second number will be a two. I don’t know what the third number will be. But he’s the closest thing to Tyreek Hill that I’ve seen, since Tyreek Hill entered the league. And just looked like he’s been on a different speed than everybody else. This kid does the same thing. He’s so sudden off the line of scrimmage. It’s instant death for corners.”

Ruggs isn’t just a speed guy, though. Jeremiah also discussed how solid the Alabama receiver’s hands are:

“Some of the production doesn’t blow you away, but Ruggs only dropped one ball. A lot of times, when you get these speed guys, you get inconsistent hands. This kid’s got great hands and he can fly. Now, he’s not nearly as polished when you’re talking about his teammate Jerry Jeudy as a route runner. I am willing to bet if you went and polled the 32 defensive coordinators in the NFL, gave them the video of the top three receivers, said which of these guys do you not want in your division, I would be willing to bet a lot of money that Henry Ruggs would get the most votes. That’s the guy you do not want to face. That’s why I believe it’s not over who will be the first receiver. It’s not a two-man race; it’s a three-man race.”

Ruggs will be closely watched at the Combine, so we’ll see if he can work his way into the mix for a top-10 pick.