Turns out, there is at least one person still willing to question DeVonta Smith.

Good luck with that.

Apparently winning the Heisman Trophy, catching 117 passes for 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns and winning MVP of the latest College Football Playoff National Championship Game wasn’t enough to stop everyone from questioning Smith’s build when it comes to the game’s highest level.

If you missed the news from Mobile, Smith has decided not to measure in at the 2021 NFL Senior Bowl. Instead, Smith plans to do so during Alabama’s upcoming Pro Day event.

That decision has sparked a new storyline that we may have to hear about countless times before Smith is inevitably selected near the very top of the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft.

Here is what former NFL scout and current NFL Draft analyst Bucky Brooks had to say after learning about Smith’s decision to not participate in the measurable portion of the 2021 Senior Bowl.

“DeVonta Smith is a great player but the size is a major concern. It’s hard for some scouts to envision drafting a 170 pound WR at the top of the board… We haven’t seen a lot of ‘skinny’ WRs dominate the pro game. It is what it is,” Brooks shared.

That’s an interesting take but a rebuttal quickly came from Charles Power that shouldn’t be ignored.

During Smith’s appearance at the 2017 Army All-American Game, his arms measured in at 34 inches. No receiver at the 2021 Senior Bowl measured in with arms that long.

If any teams are worried about Smith’s measurables, remember, they don’t call him the Slim Reaper for nothing. He’s had to answer questions about his size his entire career yet it’s worked out incredibly well for him on the field to this point.