Rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa had his roughest game as a pro for the Miami Dolphins on Sunday as he suffered six sacks, was seen limping, and was just 11-for-20 passing for 83 yards.

Tagovailoa was pulled early in the fourth quarter by coach Brian Flores, but it appears to be a temporary move, at least according to Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer. Flores later said it wasn’t an injury that put Tagovailoa on the sideline.

“Brian Flores said after the game he sat him down because of performance,” Glazer said. “He went down oddly before, but it was his performance. Brian Flores, what I really love about him, is he is going to come at you with his conviction. He’s clearly going to say, no matter where you were picked, or how much money you have, we’re going to make the moves that we think are best for our franchise in each game. It’s refreshing to see. There’s going to be growing pains with a young rookie like this and his style coming to the NFL.”

Flores did say that Tagovailoa would go back in the starting role next week.

“They also did not sit there and let him take his lumps, that’s also a way to protect a young quarterback,” Glazer said.

The Dolphins return to action next week at the New York Jets.