It has been a rough few weeks for the SEC’s two rookie quarterbacks in the NFL.

Former LSU star and No. 1 pick Joe Burrow is out for the season with a torn ACL, and now former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is questionable for the Dolphins’ game against the Bengals this weekend with a thumb injury. Tua missed last week’s game against the Jest due to the thumb injury.

The former top-five pick’s health has been a major issue throughout his career, and Dolphins fans are likely wondering if they should be apprehensive about Tua’s future in Miami.

According to ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth, Dolphins fans should be “very concerned”. When asked to put it on a scale of one to 10 on ESPN’s “Get Up”, Foxworth’s reply was “eight.”

“I think they should be very concerned, and more than the Dolphins should be concerned, I think maybe Tua should be concerned. Because we know that the Dolphins have four first-round picks in the next two seasons,” said Foxworth.

“There is nothing stopping them from packaging those picks to move up or using one of those picks to move up and get another quarterback. I know it might be a little premature, but the major concern about Tua was not his ability to play on the field, but his ability to stay on the field. Already, early in his career, he’s already had an injury that’s sidelined him for at least one game.

“I think that concern should be real down in Miami.”

Tagovailoa has been on and off the field as he and Ryan Fitzpatrick have traded starts at times this season, but this latest injury certainly will let those worries creep into the heads of Dolphins fans.