On Wednesday, the NCAA proposed a plan to add two early signing periods for recruits, one in June and one in December.

Unsurprisingly, Alabama coach Nick Saban is against the plan. During a press conference on Wednesday, he gave a lengthy response to a question about the NCAA’s proposal:

“I am absolutely, positively against any kind of early signing date, especially a June signing date before a guy plays his senior year,” Saban said during his post-practice press conference. “If we wanted to have an early signing date after the season, then I would be more for that.

“But we moved the recruiting calendar forward, which creates lots of issues and problems when it comes to — not only evaluation of the guy as a player, but more importantly in the evaluation of his character, what kind of person he is, what’s his academic status, does he have his academic requirements up to his junior year, what’s his test score? So you’re trying to make decisions about guys way ahead.

“I’ve always talked about football being a developmental game, and that doesn’t give the guy that’s a little bit of a late bloomer that maybe does a good job in maybe camp over the summer and has a really good senior season. There are gonna be more and more guys sign early, we’re gonna have more and more guys visiting, we’ll have guys visiting in the summer. I just really don’t get that. I mean I really just don’t get that.”

Saban has never been afraid to speak his mind about changes to the recruiting process. This newest plan is just the latest to catch the Alabama coach’s ire.

The NCAA is also considering a plan to add a 10th coach to FBS staffs starting next year, something Saban is more open to:

“I’ve been advocate so that we can have a special teams coach. I think it would help from a numbers standpoint, in terms of ratio. And then you’d have five coaches on offense and four on defense, and it’s much workable staff-wise if you have it that way.”

Nothing is official with the NCAA yet, but Saban has made his stances clear.