Nick Saban made his annual bye-week visit to the Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham and praised the organization’s charitable efforts, including helps kids and the children’s hospital.

Saban said his formula for the bye week is quality control, and what needs to improve internally, but also as it relates to future opponents.

“That changes from year to year, the players change from year to year, but how we approach the bye week doesn’t change administratively, how many times we practice, how long we practice, what we do in practice,” Saban said. “It’s determined a little bit by what we need to do.”

Saban then spoke about Tyler Harrell’s development after the speedy wide receiver made his first catch last week.

“It’s unfortunate the guy missed a lot of time because of an injury,” Saban said. “But he is making a lot of progress and he does offer something with his speed that is always something that can benefit you on offense. So want him to continue to improve and hopefully we can create roles for him down the road here that’s going to be effective for him and for us.”