If there’s a defensive-minded coach capable of slowing the Air Raid offense of Mike Leach and Mississippi State, it’s Alabama’s Nick Saban.

While the Bulldogs are facing questions at quarterback and general struggles on offense, they will look to bounce back this week with a trip to Tuscaloosa. On the SEC coaches media teleconference, Saban addressed how Alabama will face the Leach offense.

“Well, it’s very effective and certainly something that is a little bit different than what you see week in and week out, and I think  you have to play a little bit differently against it,” Saban said. “It’s very well conceived, they do a really really good job of coaching what they do. So you got to do a really good job of your player for your players to, you know, to be able to react to those things anticipate what’s going to happen. Break on the ball tackle well and space. A lot of things that go into being able to play well against them because they’re very effective, and how they execute it.”

About his own secondary, Saban was asked about Josh Jobe.

“I think Josh has played fairly well for us, he’s been consistent… we put pressure on those guys to play man-to-man… but when you look at it from a consistency standpoint, they’ve done a good job,” Saban said.