Most SEC fans have already seen Alabama head coach Nick Saban bust out his acting chops in a few commercials, most recently for Aflac.

But what is it like to be on the same set as Saban? An extra in one of Saban’s most recent commercials detailed it to

“He’s the star of the show,” said Ryan Foster. “He comes in and does his thing. When they’re not using him for a shot, he’s over there doing coach stuff. Whatever it is coaches do.”

“When there is an established star, you’re a background person. It’s kind of the old ‘don’t look him in the eye, don’t speak unless spoken to,’ you know?’”

Although Saban shot one commercial on Alabama’s campus, there was no room for fans to waste his time.

“You literally play your role and do your thing,” Foster said. “He was always really cordial and greeted everybody when he came on set. ‘Good morning, everybody. How you doing?’ (And there were responses like) ‘Hey, coach. Good morning, coach.’ Those types of things.

“There was no chitter chatter. There’s no autographs. That would be looked at as unprofessional.”

It is no secret how locked in Saban is on gameday week in and week out. It’s no different when the head coach is on set.

“He’s a football coach,” stated Foster. “Like anybody else, he takes a couple of takes to get warmed up, then he usually hits his stride. The man’s a professional, 100 percent. You can tell.

“He is focused on that thing at that moment. It’s cool to see. It’s like watching him go through his own process, focusing and getting where he needs to be mentally to perform.”