We can only assume that “intern” Butch Jones forgot to fill up Nick Saban’s boat with gas.

On Friday, Saban took some Alabama players out on the lake, but the boat ran out of gas. Naturally, the players were having fun with it. Saban, sporting his New York Yankees shirt, is seen smiling showing he wasn’t too upset either.

But it’s unlike Saban or any other operator to forget to fill up the boat with gas.

TMZ shared the hilarious video:

Obviously, the fail went viral, but Navy’s Myles Fells, a slot back in the Midshipmen’s offense, is also going viral for his response to TMZ’s article. Fells is an Arkansas native; so, he knows all about the SEC and Alabama. No doubt the ship that Fells is on would do the trick. It’s an important reminder that Naval Academy players give up hope of future gridiron glory for a much higher calling, to serve their country.