The Alabama Crimson Tide destroyed the LSU Tigers Saturday night in Death Valley 55-17. No. 1 Alabama improved to 9-0, while LSU fell to 3-5.

Tide head coach Nick Saban spoke to the media following the blowout win:

Opening Statement

“I’m really proud of the way our guys came here and competed today. I thought we did a fantastic job offensively. Mac played well. Smitty had a great game. Najee was great. Thought a lot of guys contributed to that. Offensive line did a nice job of controlling the line of scrimmage up front, which we thought was really important in the game.

“The defense made some mental errors in the first half that led to both their scores, big-play touchdowns on just absolute coverage busts in the back end. We made some adjustments at halftime. I think we played a little better in the second half.

“Obviously, this team has done a great job all year, won the West, which I’m very proud of them for their efforts all year long to be able to do that. Now, we’ve gotta talk about how we want to finish the season and continue to improve and get better and learn from some of the things that happened today and hopefully make progress in a very positive way.

“I think LSU has a lot of good players, and they did a good job in the game. They had a good game plan against us in the first half, but our players adapted and adjusted and did a really good job. So, I’m really proud of our team. Our coaches did a really good job.

“We were down four coaches today — our receiver coach and three coaches on defense. But everybody in the organization stepped up and did a really good job, and we really didn’t skip a beat today. Fortunately it was none of the signal-callers, and that was very helpful. People did a good job of filling in.”

On DeVonta Smith’s place in college football

“I don’t see every player play in the country. I love Smitty. I think he’s an outstanding player for our team. He’s probably done as much this year for our team as any player that we’ve ever had. He’s a great leader on the team. It’s not fair to compare him to somebody else that you didn’t even see, but I don’t think there’s many players in the country that have done more for their team than Smitty does for our team.”

On the touchdowns LSU scored against Alabama’s defense

“We busted the first touchdown pass. Had a corner cat called. They changed plays, so we killed plays. The safety’s gotta communicate to the corner who goes on the blitz and now he’s not going on the blitz because we changed what we were doing. He went on the blitz, nobody covered the X, so it was a touchdown. On the other one, the long run, we misaligned. The Star really lined up in the wrong spot, so we didn’t have an apex player on that side, so we had no force-contain and the ball bounced outside and there was nobody around. Easily correctable things, but things that we don’t want to happen in games, obviously. But at halftime, we made some adjustments. The players understood what they did wrong, got it corrected and played better.”

On having multiple assistant coaches out for the LSU game

“I think Thursday. I think Thursday is the test. I’m not 100-percent sure. I can’t be specific. But I knew that on Thursday we knew exactly what we were going to have going into this game, and we made a lot of adaptations staff-wise on Thursday for people to fill in. And our players have gotten so resilient to all the different things that happened. I mean, the electricity went off in the hotel today right when we were going to our religious service a half hour before pregame. We had to eat the pregame meal in the dark. It’s like, you know, stuff happens, and everybody just keeps on keeping on because a lot of things happen. I mean, I was out last week, we had coaches out this week, but our players just stayed focused. I think when you have good culture on your team and you establish that culture with your team, they can adapt and adjust to things that don’t go exactly like they expect it to. We certainly had a lot of opportunity to learn how to do that this season.”

On DeVonta Smith’s season

“I think that he was an outstanding player last year, but we also had three other receivers that were outstanding players. None of them really stood out like Smitty has stood out this year, and because we feature him a lot, they doubled him a lot, they matched up 24 on him a lot, so he had some challenges out there today because they were trying to take him out of the game and still performed well — had eight catches for 230 yards or something. Mac does a good job of reading the coverages so he can get the ball to the right guys. We need other players to continue to step up and make plays on our team. I think Jahleel’s helped us do that. Metchie, Slade — Slade had a fumble today, but we just need to keep more and more playmakers developing. But Smitty has done fantastic.”

On Saban being back with the football team after isolation

“I was really pleased. It’s funny. It was a really tough adaptation to stay home and do everything from home, and then I felt actually sort of out of place going to work. But it didn’t take long. I mean, it was about 15 minutes and I fit right back in. Miss Terry wasn’t on me anymore, and I was able to get on other people in the office. It was good, and it was great to be back with the players. I really appreciate the fact that several players were happy to see me back. It was good, it was all good.”

On Josh Jobe

“I think his overall maturity. Josh is a very emotional player and sometimes, he would make mistakes because he would get too emotional. I think his confidence and maturity has allowed him to understand exactly where he has to be to be able to go out there and perform well and stay in the right — not comfort zone but just the right zone to compete and be a really good competitor. And I was really proud of him today because he made the one mistake, which we didn’t get communicated to him. In the past, that would have affected him for a long time. Now, he’s able to come back and play well after that and make plays. So, he’s learned how to overcome adversity, deal with negative things happening, and I think when you play defensive back, you’re gonna get beat on occasion. The best guys just don’t get beat very often. So, consistency in performance is really important, and that’s where he’s really gotten so much better this year.”

You can watch Nick Saban’s full postgame press conference below: