Coaches give injury reports all the time, but they usually don’t include themselves. In his press conference after Alabama’s spring game, Nick Saban revealed he’s dealing with a “struggling” hip which could have him limiting his activity for 6-8 weeks this offseason.

“I have one announcement to make,” Saban said. “I’ve been struggling a little bit with one of my hips, and even though they don’t make them like they used to and most players would not to be able to perform in spring practice like I did if they had a similar situation, but nobody could even tell, but I might not be able to play golf for a few weeks. We’re going to do an evaluation of this at the end of spring, but they say even if it’s the worst case scenario, it may be six or eight weeks. But I can still cut a rug and cut them off, I can do whatever I need to do. I can still play golf. But this has a little bothersome, and I don’t want to go into the fall with this being a problem.

“I want to get it fixed because I don’t want to coach for one more year, I want to coach for a lot of more years. So, whenever things like this come up, I want to be aggressive and proactive to try and get it taken care of. We’ll certainly do that, and we’ve got really good people to do it. I don’t think it should be a big deal, but I’ve been keeping this a little bit of a secret because I have so much respect for this group. I wanted you to be the first to know. Thank you.”

Saban, 67, is entering his 13th season as the Crimson Tide head coach. Less time on the golf course for Saban will presumably mean more time watching game film or evaluating recruits.