Nick Saban views name, image and likeness (NIL) opportunities as a positive development in college football, but sees areas that need to be addressed.

In a press conference the day before the College Football Playoff National Championship, Saban was asked if “free agency” from the transfer portal and NIL has changed how he manages his team. In his answer, Saban focused on NIL.

“Well, Name, Image and Likeness is a positive thing for players,” Saban said. “They have an opportunity to earn money, which they’ve always had the opportunity to do. This gives them an opportunity to do it by using their Name, Image and Likeness, which I don’t think is a bad thing.”

Saban then identified his concern: NIL influencing where players sign. He suggested national legislation to help regulate NIL.

“I think what is a little concerning is how is that used to get players to decide where they go to school, because I don’t think that was the intention,” Saban suggested. “I don’t think that would be the NCAA’s intention. I think we probably need some kind of national legislation to sort of control that to some degree, because I think there will be an imbalance relative to who can dominate college football if that’s not regulated in some form or fashion.

“And the more we get to players making money and players actually having the opportunity to make money, which I’m not opposed to, maybe there’s some circumstance where there has to be some kind of an agreement between both the school and the player as to what their commitment is to what they choose to do because that is something, making commitments and fulfilling them, that is probably important to having a chance to be successful.”