Nick Saban may be “all business” on gameday—and most of the time, in fact—but that doesn’t stop the legendary Alabama head coach from having some birthday fun, apparently.

Saban celebrated his 71st birthday on Monday. And while it didn’t involve a dunk in the cold tub, it did involve a cake, cupcakes, and his players joining together to sing “Happy Birthday”, along with hats and party favors.

Saban, when entering the team meeting room, clearly got a kick out of a photo on the whiteboard of him as a child, as you can see below:

Saban has rightfully earned a reputation as an intense competitor, always pushing his players to the limit and expecting nothing short of perfection, even among his staff.

Putting aside the press conference rants and the sideline butt-chewings aimed toward both players and assistants, though, it’s always fun to see the normally hard-nosed leader of the Crimson Tide football program show off a more personal, softer side from time to time.