Nick Saban has been on both sides of luck in the Iron Bowl. On Saturday, luck was on his side.

Alabama recovered a muffed Auburn punt late in the 4th quarter, setting up Alabama in its own territory. Things weren’t looking good after Jalen Milroe mishandled a snap and the Tide had a 4th down from the 31-yard line. From there, Alabama ran a play that sent all of its receivers to the endzone, and Milroe found Isaiah Bond in the back corner for a touchdown.

While it seemed like a traditional hail mary attempt, it’s a play that Saban’s team practices.

“Believe it or not, we actually practice that play,” Saban said in his postgame press conference. “Every Friday when we do walk through and we do special situations, we get in that formation, everybody runs down the field and runs varying routes in the endzone. Jalen made a great throw, but (Isaiah Bond) really kind of got himself in position where there was some room to throw it. He pushed inside and the DB was inside of him and he came back out and Jalen threw it back out to him.”

While Alabama has practiced the play plenty of times, Saban said it also takes a little luck for it to work out as well as it did.

“It was a great catch and a great throw, but that is a play that we actually work on,” Saban said. “And I must admit that I think you have to be a little lucky for it to work, but I’ll take it.”