One of the big storylines in the NFL this week is the news that the Philadelphia Eagles would start Jalen Hurts at quarterback this week.

His former coach at Alabama, Nick Saban, reacted to the news on Wednesday on the SEC coaches teleconference.

“Jalen was always a great leader for our team, even when he first came here as a freshman,” Saban said. “If he didn’t have the charisma and leadership, I don’t think he would have been able to do that… I’m excited for him, happy for him and his family. I know this is something that he has worked hard for and he’s got an opportunity and we just hope and wish him very well and he can take advantage of that and do a good job for his team.”

The defensive-minded Saban also offered his perspective on the high-scoring offenses across the SEC this season, and how several games have topped 75 points.

“I think there are some really good offenses, some good quarterbacks,” Saban said. “I think people are doing a good job of taking advantage of the rules, RPOs… I also think the rules this summer, offensively players were able to go out and do routes on air and defensive players were not able to get together. I think that had an impact.”