The expansion of the College Football Playoff system has been a hot topic recently. More specifically, the idea of all first-round games being held on-campus, as opposed to neutral sights.

Nick Saban was asked for his thoughts on the matter recently.

“You could be a southern team in our conference, including us, having to go to Wisconsin to play in December or January, which would be totally different. But that’s how they do it in the NFL,” he said.

With the current 4-team format, finalists do not have the chance to play home games in the postseason. Under the proposed new format, first-round and quarterfinal games could potentially be played on campus. Saban notes the challenges of a southern team like Alabama having to go to a cold-weather location like Wisconsin in December – something teams are not accustomed to during the postseason.

Saban also noted that this new format would be similar to the NFL format. Saban is right, this change would be “totally different”. However, schools have the opportunity to support their programs in-person, on-campus in the post-season for perhaps the first time.