While he wishes he had more time with his latest edition Crimson Tide roster, Nick Saban has liked what he’s seen from his players thus far this offseason.

During a virtual appearance at the 26th Annual L’Arche Mobile Football Preview, Alabama’s coach was asked to share his thoughts on his latest team and the outlook for the season to come.

No surprise to see Saban so guarded with the information he was willing to provide, but he did offer some insight into the makeup of Alabama’s roster looking forward to the 2020 season.

“Well, you know, that’s kind of difficult because all we’ve had with this particular team is the offseason program,” Saban answered. “Some of the things that I really liked about this team so far is that we’ve had the best attention to detail. The most discipline guys go into class on and off the field, you know, whether it was guys going to class, fewer points.

“Guys have done a good job in the offseason program and not having a lot of issues and problems. But because we didn’t have spring practice, it’s really hard to evaluate the progress, especially of the younger players, who are less experienced, who benefit the most from spring practice.  Hopefully, if we can get back to some kind of summer program, we’ll be able to systematically implement something that will help the development so these guys will be a little more ready for fall camp.”

Saban mentioning the younger players on his roster has been a constant theme this offseason. It’s going to be fascinating to see how coaches around the SEC attempt to catchup the youngest players of their rosters as most teams missed out on the entirety of spring football but if there’s any coach equipped to do just that, it’s Coach Saban.