Be prepared for some stunning information — Colin Cowherd is upset and complaining on his radio show.

Shocking, we know.

This time around, Cowherd is pointing the finger at Nick Saban and Alabama when it comes to the team’s weak nonconference schedule for the 2019 season. During one of his recent FOX Sports radio shows, Cowherd took issue with coaches complaining about fans not showing up to games. That’s when the radio host turned his attention to Saban’s program.

If Alabama wants more fans to show up and be interested in the action on the field, it needs to schedule better opponents, argues Cowherd.

“Look at Alabama’s schedule. The four games Alabama could control, because the SEC hands out the schedule but they can control four games, they scheduled Duke, New Mexico State, Southern Miss and Western Carolina,” Cowherd said on his show. “I wouldn’t walk across the street to watch those games – and Nick Saban controls that. Nick Saban doesn’t control the other eight, he controls those four, and Saban complains ‘the students aren’t coming out.’ Yeah, because they have a life! They have options there’s a bunch of stuff on TV or on their phones.

“Stop blaming the fans. I don’t have a problem. Yes, ticket prices have been increased across all of our sports, but we’re still going to NBA games because the products good. We’re still going NFL games because the products good and I live in Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium is full.”

When it comes to Alabama’s upcoming schedule, Cowherd may have a point. The Tide’s schedule is incredibly weak but the radio host fails to mention upcoming Alabama opponents USC (in 2020), Miami (2021), Texas (2022 and 2023), Notre Dame (2028 and 2029) and Oklahoma (2032 and 2033).

It certainly appears like the Tide are doing what they can to beef up the schedule in future years and it’s not like the team doesn’t already play in the nation’s toughest division. Cowherd failed to mention any of that information.