Alabama coach Nick Saban for the most part keeps his emotions in check. He is, of course, known for a sideline rant or two each season complaining to an assistant coach or an official. He has been known to go on a press conference rant if a reporter leads him down a path he doesn’t want to discuss. But for the most part, tears are not part of his public emotional display.

That changed on Monday night when Alabama dismantled Ohio State, 52-24, in Miami to capture Saban’s seventh national title, and Alabama’s 18th national championship in program history. But as confetti flew in the post-game celebration that spilled into the early morning hours of Tuesday, tears flowed on Saban’s face as he discussed the triumph, and answered questions about the game and his team.

“Look, this is great for our fans,” Saban said. “It’s great for the University of Alabama. We’ve got great support here. I’m just so happy for these players. I wanted to win this game for these players because this game was about what they’ve done all year long, and it’s great for our team and our players.”

Saban added that it was difficult to process all that the team accomplished, and his seventh title.

“Not really. I’m just happy that we won tonight, and I really haven’t thought about that because you’re always looking forward, and I just love this team so much and what they’ve been able to do. I can’t even put it into words,” he said.