During a recent Reddit “ask me anything” chat, Bradley Bozeman was asked the question many Crimson Tide fans are afraid to ponder.

Who replaces Nick Saban when he retires from coaching?

You could argue that many in the coaching world would perceive Alabama as the best college football job in America the moment that Saban steps away from coaching. The school is willing to commit any resources to win big and has become a haven for the best players in the nation to commit to for three to four years before moving on to the NFL and landing massive contracts.

On the other hand, you could argue many coaches wouldn’t touch the presser cooker Saban built in Tuscaloosa until it cools down following the departure of the greatest college coach of all time. The expectations of Tide fans aren’t going away anytime soon and it appears the rest of the SEC is beginning to catch up to Alabama.

Even Saban has captured just one of the previous three SEC championships — and that was with the best quarterback in program history on his roster during that span.

Either way, whenever Saban does step away from coaching, who would Bozeman like to see step up and replace Saban?

Here’s the exchange the former Alabama lineman and current Baltimore Ravens star had with an Alabama fan during the Reddit AMA:

Question: If you had to choose sabans replacement when he decides to retire who’s it gonna be and why is it gonna be lane kiffin.

Bozeman’s reply: My personal choice would be Dabo Swinney. He’s an alum and one heck of a coach and a great man. Probably will never happen but a guy can hope!

No surprise there, Dabo Swinney continues to be the popular choice among Alabama fans to replace Saban in Tuscaloosa. The real question isn’t whether Swinney would be offered the Alabama job, it’s whether he would accept it given the powerhouse program he’s built at Clemson.