Considering he remains one of the most coveted prospects from the state of Florida in recent college football recruiting history, Derrick Henry knows a thing or two about the pressures that can come with being recruited by several of the nation’s elite programs. After going through the experience of being recruited, Derrick Henry has a message for all the recruits out there: don’t rush it.

You may recall Henry was considered the No. 1 athlete prospect in the nation for the 2013 recruiting cycle. He basically had his pick of any elite football program to join coming out of Yulee, Fla., where he racked up over 12,000 yards and a total of 153 touchdowns on the ground. In the end, of course, he signed with Alabama and helped the Tide obtain a national championship on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy in 2015.

During a recent appearance at the Tennessean Sports Awards from Nashville, Henry shared his advice to all the college football recruits out there.

“Definitely take your time. Don’t rush anything,” Henry said, according to Jason Wolf of USA TODAY Sports. “Any college will tell you what you want to hear when they want you to come there. But just listen to your family. Listen to yourself. Weigh your options. Make sure it fits you right, as far as athletics and academically, and don’t rush into no decisions. Just take your time. You don’t get this time back, so enjoy it. Enjoy the process. Whatever decisions you make, believe it, and then go out there and be successful.”

Henry also discussed his relationship with Nick Saban. According to the former Crimson Tide running back, Saban prepares his players for life outside of football just as well as he trains them on the field.

“He makes sure that when you leave Alabama, you’re prepared, not just for football but life after football,” Henry continued.

The 2015 Heisman Trophy-winner also revealed his historic season (Henry rushed for 2,219 yards and 28 touchdowns in 2015) could have never happened, as he recalled his desire to leave Tuscaloosa early in his Alabama career. However, after talking it over with Saban, Henry changed his mind and the rest is history.

“I remember one time, my freshman year, when it was kind of tough for me adjusting to college, I wanted to leave,” Henry stated. “And (Saban) sat down and talked with me for a while, just telling me about adversity. Everybody has adversity through life. It’s all about how you overcome it, and don’t let it affect you.”

Henry obviously took the advice to heart and made the most of his opportunity when it came. Here’s to hoping that any young players out there looking for the same sage advice hear what Henry has to say and make the most out of their opportunity when it presents itself.